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Jason Walker
Missing plane on Craigslist?
NSFW Language and Image - Woman is naked and losing it at a Mcdonalds
My Latest Invention: "Sting Ring"
Nooga Nights
Lindsay Lohan's Kisses and Tells ! Check out her A-list / bang list.
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Summertime is Great. This video is not.
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Another impression of "Brad-Guy"....the guy Intern Alex thinks Brad turns into when he needs something from someone....
Intern Alex recently started doing an impression of Brad. His theory? Brad makes ridiculous requests of people then offers to repay them buy "getting a beer sometime". Doesn't matter what it is - Super Bowl tickets / Stealing money from your wallet- it
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He was crowned the FASTEST Chihuahua in Chattanooga at Running of the Chihuahuas 6 and he's BACK to reclaim his sombrero!
Honey and Lit Bit plan on distracting all the competition at #ROTC7 with INSANE levels of cute.
Corki is very excited about #ROTC7. He enjoys car rides and being really, really, ridiculously good looking.
Bentley James has been training for Running of the Chihuahuas 7 in arctic conditions. He enjoys posing like a statue and camouflage.
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