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BradGuy gives you life advice

Intern Alex believes that Brad has a personality trait – one that gets whatever he wants by talking his way into people’s lives – only to get everything he wants out of them in exchange for “Grabbing a beer sometime”.  This magical social time with Brad never actually happens, but of course that matters little…Continue Reading

Hey Celebrity What’s In Your Fridge starring Brian Smith

Today on Hey Celebrity What’s In Your Fridge we explore the fridge of News Channel 9’s meteorologist BRIAN SMITH!   What do you really look for in a good meteorologist? Is it their ability to to spot a sub-synoptic low or a suction vortex? Well, that could be important…but what you really want in your…Continue Reading

Its A Time Warp With Brad

Brad had an extremely embarrassing moment at the event with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show on Monday.  While he tells his story, it reminds Intern Alex of a similar event with a celebrity that Brad “happened” to also find himself involved in….listen to hear what happened…  Continue Reading

Hey Celebrity, What’s In Your Fridge starring Kayoko Dan!

As the music director of the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera, Kayoko Dan, leads one of the city’s most prestigious organizations. She’s received numerous honors, awards, and endless recognition for her dedication to the arts and education. Today, however, she receives the greatest honor of all…having her refrigerator profiled on Hey Celebrity, What’s In Your Fridge?…Continue Reading