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Live The Good Life This Weekend With Handcrafted Wishes

Join us for Hand Crafted Wishes, a celebration of local restaurants and craft beer, and an opportunity to give back to your community. With beer from 25 different breweries and food from 15 of your favorite local restaurants, our goal is to showcase some of the things that make Chattanooga great while supporting our partners…Continue Reading

Does Intern Alex Like It: Pumpkin Spiced Tuna?

Does Intern Alex Like It? A special segment we did on today’s show. It is officially fall and that means that Pumpkin Spice is on pretty much everything. Today, we came up with our own version of a pumpkin spiced food: Pumpkin Spiced Tuna. Does Intern Alex like it? Check it out in the audio below.Continue Reading

Another Missed Invention by Intern Alex!

From Huffington Post: (article here)   Friends come and go, and delivery may fail, but a Portable Pizza Pouch will never, ever leave you cheese-less. This brilliant piece of neckwear keeps your pizza slice safe behind a layer of zip-locked plastic, while a woven lanyard lets it cuddle close to your heart. For just $8 plus shipping…Continue Reading

Fart-Gate 2015 starring Taylor Swift

At approximately 7:54 p.m.-ish ET on Aug. 30, 2015, Taylor Swift and all of her friends stood on the red carpet of the VMAs to introduce her newest music video. But something happened. Taylor….Swift….farted.Continue Reading

Seniors pull the best prank!

It's rare that you read about a senior prank that's a) not dangerous or incredibly stupid and b) actually funny. Someone give the kids at Santa Barbara High School a prize, because they managed to pull off both. Instead of greasing a pig and letting it loose through their hallways these students spent their hard-earned money…Continue Reading