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Jesse Ventura talks to us about wrestling/Trump and more….

Former Pro Wrestler in the WWE and the 38th Governor of Minnesota joined us today!  This was a thrill because you truly don’t know what Jesse will say next….hear his thoughts on the time Vince McMahon censored him…his thoughts on Trump…and some of the stupidest quotes politicians have said that are featured in his new…Continue Reading

Mr Catwell walks the Red Carpet of the 2016 ESPYS

Konnichipaw, my cataholics. Award season is right around the corner…fur-real. Until then, let’s throw claw-sion to the wind and review the ESPY Awards red carpet fashion from Hollywood Cati-fornia. 1) Ciara, how are ya. This feisty female is feline fresh in her fancy dress. This meowsician wowed the competition in her fashion mission. Rocking pink…Continue Reading

Mr Catwell Walks The Red Carpet of the BET Awards!

Meowzers is it award show season yet? No, not even close. Which means it’s time for the BET awards and that’s good enough to drag this cat out to review all the priss and prass and sassifrass of this red carpet class. We head to beautiful Los Angeles Catifornia for this edition of Mr. Catwell.…Continue Reading

brad!brad!brad!’s Sunday Bonnaroo Picks for 2016

Bonnaroo is back for 2016 and there’s only one person qualified to guide you through the festival on the farm….BradGuy! Let’s kick off Bonnaroo 2016 with the acts you can’t miss for Sunday! Givers The Other Tent Sunday 2P When GIVERS formed in 2008 in the sweaty dancehalls of Lafayette, Louisiana, they knew right away…Continue Reading