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Grandpa (89) on Tinder

A grandson teaches his grandfather about Tinder.    Dates ensue. Reading

Jason gets all judgie.

I’ve always been fascinated with the “at this point in my life I’m going to visibly modify myself conspicuously and irrevocably because at no point in my future will I want to appear ordinary” guy. These are not forward thinkers. While these pictures have been floating around for awhile, I really, really (as in really)…Continue Reading

My Favorites. It’s Friday.

Here is a great man.   I would be humbled to meet him. His child was born with Down Syndrome, and his wife divorced him when he demanded to keep his own son. Wow.   Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddd… Brian Williams of NBC has disgraced his anchor chair.    As if network news didn’t have enough problems:…Continue Reading

Best Photoshop Job Ever

This guy is a Photoshop beast. He is so good at photo editing, lighting and posing that he places himself in pictures with celebrities… and I defy anyone to challenge how legitimate the pictures look. Take a peek: Reading

Another way celebrities control you: Social media features

Oh, so suddenly “high profile” social media users can determine what “is” and “is not” a feature? How democratic of SnapChat. You may have noticed SnapChat deleted (albeit temporarily, they say) the Best Friends feature. Some say (many say) the Best Friends feature was an invasion of privacy.    After the public outcry, it appears…Continue Reading


This was so silly I had to re-read it to determine if it was legit or not: COMPANY WILL GIVE YOUR BABY A UNIQUE NAME So, this “Erfolgswelle” claims to have the language, historian and copyright talent to ASSURE your child has a name which is not in use anywhere else in the world –…Continue Reading

Tom Petty vs. Sam Smith

Tom Petty’s crew has sought, and received, credit and royalties for Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”    A mashup comparison requires you to slow down Petty’s song and speed up Smith’s song in order to achieve any reasonable resemblance (in my opinion). Tom Petty quote from Rolling Stone (2006), when some claimed RHCP’s “Dani California” sounded…Continue Reading

Would your school do THIS? (Photo issue)

Take a look at this article: As a parent, I would never want my daughter to wear something inappropriate in a high school photo.   Or to school at all. This school was so uptight they Photoshopped numerous high school photos of girls who were wearing items they thought to be too revealing.  But…Continue Reading

How should you dress at hotel breakfast?

I love radio people, because they’re more entertaining off air than on-air in many circumstances. This guy from Iowa posted on a radio blog that he was tired of seeing poorly dressed people at hotel breakfast. I’ve attached the audio of his post and my response. Am I wrong?   Should I be living under…Continue Reading