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Ah so you thought you’d be nosy and check out my Bio huh…
For those who don’t know me, I’m Σam (pronounced Sam) Belding, or you can just call me “Belding”, all my friends do.
So, I always get asked why the odd spelling on my name. Well, my parents wanted to be eccentric so they used the Greek sigma (Σ) instead of a regular good ole S for my name. They wanted me to be different and stand out and well here I am as a Radio DJ.
Things started for me one warm day in August in Houston, TX then I was up rooted a few years later to Chattanooga, TN where I grew up. After graduating High School I decided to drop off the face of the Earth and reestablish myself in Panama City Beach, FL. After doing several restaurant jobs I felt I needed to pursue my education and while in college I decided to try my hand at Radio Broadcasting and got a job at several local stations. Upon graduating with my AA degree I decided to see what other trouble I could get into and that led me to Asheville, NC, Indianapolis, IN, back to Chattanooga and eventually to Pensacola, FL where I finished my schooling earning a BA degree from The University of West Florida. Yeah, I figured having a BA (Bad Ass) was better then having a BS (Bull…you get the rest) degree.
After college I bounced around several other towns and even Europe for a while before landing back in Panama City Beach to where I am now, back in the the Scenic City playing all the hits for you on Hits 96.

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