Afternoons with Amy

Things we’re going to talk about on the afternoon show: whatever is on your mind. You’re strongly encourage to call in (423-642-9636), tweet or DM (@hits96radio on IG, Twitter, or FB)!

Also, everyday:

3 Things at 3: a look at a few things you should know for the day

Gone Viral: let’s see what’s going viral today…and try to figure out why so we can get our 15 minute of fame and hopefully make some money out of it.

And your QOTD…some people have questions, some people have answers. We have a home for both types.

    Personalities Associated with the show:

  • Amy Reed

                Hi, I’m Amy and I’m so excited to be a part of Hits 96! I’m originally from South Jersey so I’m an Eagles fan, but have lived all over the country. Some other things about me: I laugh, a lot. I absolutely love music. Half a hippie! I like…
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