Hits 96 @ Night

Hits 96 @ Night


Waters was born at some point, in some place, although he doesn’t quite remember when or where. He spent most of his life on various Dean’s Lists, Honor Rolls, and Gold Key Societies, but threw all that out the window when he became a radio show host. Thankfully, his family forgave him.

Waters grew up in Atlanta, inspired by lazy rock DJs who sometimes forgot to turn off their microphones in the middle of a song. In Boston, he worked for every radio station that would hire him, including WODS 103.3 AMP Radio, 107.3 WAAF, and 88.9 WERS, all at the same time.

When he’s not working, Waters enjoys old-school Call of Duty, new-school Grand Theft Auto, and he boasts middle-school levels of skill on guitar. In a perfect world, he would have been a professional songwriter, but unfortunately, Katy Perry never noticed his original music.

Waters owns the second-largest collection of air guitars in the world, got snubbed for Sexiest Man of 2017 three times, and is a Pisces, if it matters.

He hopes that you enjoy his show.