Jason Walker While You Work

Jason Walker While You Work


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This is the finest page on the internet, ever.  

I’m Jason, and this is where I post stories and local items from around Chattanooga that interest me.   I hope you find them interesting, and visit often.
I started my radio career at 18 in Cookeville, Tennessee, and joined WDOD-FM in 1997.  Along the way I’ve raised four kids and truly enjoyed being a broadcaster.  Now that they’re about grown I have nothing to do except hang out on Facebook and look aimlessly at walls.    I’m very interested in technology and electronics, and serve as the I.T. coordinator for our group of radio stations.  Four years ago I began rebuilding rental properties at the foot of Lookout Mountain, and that takes some of my time.
I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your day, so please accept my thanks.   Brad Steiner’s cell number is 314-7692 if you ever want to call someone and make weird breath noises at 2 AM.  

Jason's Blog

Titanic Animation taking over the world…

I have to admit I sat and watched this in its entirety, and found its plodding pace the most interesting and meaningful demonstration of what happened on “the night to remember.” TITANIC HONOR AND GLORY WEBSITE

Some notes on Walnut Street Bridge on her 125th Birthday

1. Today is the 125th Birthday. It was designed by a Toledo, Ohio company, with many of the pieces built in Dalton Georgia and sent here by train. 2. The bridge was the first purely civilian highway bridge across the Tennessee River. It is among the longest pedestrian bridges in the world. 3. We nearly…

Clayton Homes Tours

CLAYTON HOMES TOUR For options on home ownership, or to ask questions, visit CLAYTON: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR SALE The BREEZE II: A (4) Bedroom, (2) bath home with ample living space and storage at less than $70,000. IMPORTANT NOTE: Clayton Homes can assist in finding land, and is ready to discuss all the aspects…