1/3 of Us Have Stolen This From The Office

Office Workers Checking Papers With Pen In Office
Free close up of two people hands, signing documents with laptop on table in office image, public domain CC0 photo.

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

A new survey that asked 2,000 U.S. adults about food and what they’d do for it, more than half, 54 percent, said they’d “do anything to enjoy” their favorite foods. That includes subjecting themselves to their worst fears if it meant free, unlimited access to their favorite food, including public speaking (27 percent), thunder and lightning (26 percent), heights (25 percent), and spiders or insects (25 percent). The OnePoll survey found that some people would be willing to give up vacation days or using social media to have free and unlimited access to their favorite food, and others would do crazy stunts like skydiving (29 percent) or running with the bulls (27 percent). The top foods named by people as their favorites include pizza (59 percent), cheese (55 percent), fried chicken (55 percent), and pasta (55 percent). Even when something may not be their favorite food, some people were willing to go beyond the normal for it, with one-third admitting to stealing food that wasn’t theirs from the office refrigerator because it looked delicious, with women more likely to do so, and 20 percent have picked a food they love out of the trash can.