1 in 3 Wouldn’t Consider A Job If They Couldn’t Work Remotely

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



I know at the beginning of the pandemic, working from home was GREAT! Then it got boring and now we are two years deep and our opinions on working at home have changed! With unemployment so low, people have more of a choice about where and how they want to work, and a new poll found that more than one-third of 2,000 people surveyed who currently work fully remote or have a hybrid-remote arrangement, more than one-third, 35 percent, said they wouldn’t even consider a new job if it didn’t have the option to work remotely. Even though the pandemic is now waning, the OnePoll survey additionally found that only one in 15 remote workers expects to be back in an office five days a week. However, more workers prefer to be in an office some of the time, with 39 percent preferring a hybrid work set-up compared to 24 percent who prefer to work completely remote. There was a difference by type of work, with 50 percent of employees in tech or computer science favoring a hybrid environment, while 54 percent of those in arts and entertainment preferring to be completely in-office.