#1 Thing Couples Fight About

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



I’ve been in a relationship for almost four years. We have some big fights over spending time together, making big purchases and we’ve even been through a career change… but nothing tops this:

45% of couples say they argue about where to go out to eat.  And that’s probably conservative.  A while back we heard that the average couple argues 156 times every year over where to order dinner from.



The rest of the seven most common arguments couple have about food are:


2.  My partner doesn’t cook as often as I’d like them to . . . 42%.

3.  One of us followed a recipe incorrectly . . . 42%.

4.  What to cook for dinner . . . 35%.

5.  What groceries to buy . . . 37%.

6.  What the grocery budget should be . . . 20%.

7.  Who should cook dinner . . . 10%.



And 43% of people say they’ve dumped someone because they were a bad cook.