10 Person Kidney Swap

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



A hospital in Houston pulled off a ten-person kidney swap this month.  That’s where your loved one needs a kidney, but you’re not a match.  So you donate to someone else in exchange for one.  Ten people got kidneys over the course of four days, and they’re all doing great. Here’s how the kidney swap went:

  • Michael Wingard’s kidney isn’t going to his friend because he wasn’t a match for her. But he was a match for someone else.
  • Heather O’Neil Smarrella, who will get his kidney. Then her twin
  • Staci O’Neil gave her kidney to
  • Javier Ramirez Ochoa, whose son-in-law
  • Tomas Martinez, donated a kidney to
  • Chris McLellan, whose father
  • David McLellan, gave his kidney to
  • Barbara Moton, whose daughter
  • Lisa Jolivet, gave her kidney to
  • Kaelyn Connelly, Wingard’s friend.

This 10-person procedure takes place over four days, and it’s uncommon. The last one at Houston Methodist was in 2020. Usually the hospital has chains that involve up to six people.