16% of People Don’t Use Deodorant Regularly

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

The pandemic was both good AND bad for personal hygiene.  Maybe you put MORE of an emphasis on washing your hands and face . . . but got a little lax with other stuff, with all that time spent at home.

In a new poll, people were asked what hygiene habits they perform “regularly,” and 90% of people said they wash their hands and bathe regularly.

87% routinely brush their teeth . . . 84% use deodorant or antiperspirant . . . 83% wash their hair . . . 81% specifically wash their “intimate areas” . . . and 77% make sure to wash their face and care for their skin.

Then there’s a bit of a drop-off.  Only 64% of people trim their nails . . . 62% use mouthwash . . . and 51% say they floss.

Overall, 57% of women say they have a good understanding of how to maintain their hygiene, while just 42% of men say they get it.  And women also spend more time every week on hygiene, including showering and shaving.