27% of Us Call Our In-Laws “Mom” and “Dad”?

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Is it weird to call your in-laws “Mom” and “Dad”, like they’re your own parents?  It might be more common than you might think . . .

Thousands of married people were asked how they refer to their in-laws:  The choices were “by their first names” . . . calling them “Mom” and “Dad” . . . using “Mr.” or “Mrs.” . . . or calling them something else.

Calling them by their first name is definitely the top choice now.  Just under half of the people who answered said that’s how they do it.

But calling them “Mom” and “Dad” is pretty popular too.  27% said that’s how they refer to their in-laws.

15% of us use the more formal “Mr.” and “Mrs.”  And 11% call them something else.  Like if you have kids, maybe everyone calls your mother-in-law “Grandma”.