42% of Us Never Dress Up for Halloween, and More Costume Stats

Halloween Costume

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

If you’re an adult and dressing up for Halloween, you’re WEIRD, apparently.  Or at least in the minority . . .

A new poll found more than two-thirds of adults won’t be wearing a costume this year, and 42% say they NEVER dress up for Halloween.

Dressing up stays pretty popular until you hit your 30s.  Then you do it less and less.  Most people under 30 will wear a costume this year.

But 45% of people in their 30s and early 40s WON’T dress up . . . over 80% of people in their 50s and early 60s won’t either . . . and for seniors, 93% won’t bother.  So Halloween is definitely a young person’s game.

Here are a few more quick costume stats . . .

1.  Two-thirds of costumes will include at least one D.I.Y. element.  Only 35% of adults dressing up will wear a completely store-bought costume this year.

2.  The most popular types of costumes for adults are:  A fictional person or character, an animal or creature, and a historical figure.  15% are dressing up as “a concept” . . . 14% are going as an “object” . . . and 11% are dressing up as a person who’s still alive.

3.  The top word people would use to describe their costume this year is “funny.”  The rest of the top five are “simple,” “unique,” “creative,” and “sexy.”  Only 18% of adults are wearing a “scary” costume.

4.  6% of us are coordinating our costume with a coworker.  The most popular people to coordinate with are romantic partners . . . our kids . . . our parents . . . other family members . . . and our friends.  Coworkers are sixth.

5.  One in four Americans still think BLACKFACE make-up is okay for Halloween.  Older people are more likely to say it’s NOT okay than young people.  27% of adults under 30 think it’s fine, compared to 17% of seniors.

6.  Only 27% of us actually enjoy picking out a costume.  11% said it’s more stressful than fun, and 20% said neither.  The remaining 42% are the ones who never dress up.