44% of Us Have Lied and Told Someone Their Ugly Baby Was Cute

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Newborn babies aren’t always cute . . . sometimes they look like weird little half-baked aliens.  But obviously you can’t SAY that.  (“Seinfeld” covered the topic way back in 1994.)

So have you ever LIED to someone and told them their ugly baby was cute?

Someone polled more than 25,000 Americans, and a lot of us have done it.  People were more likely to say yes than no.

44% said they’ve definitely lied about a baby’s looks before . . . 39% haven’t . . . and 16% weren’t sure.  Women were more likely than men to say they’ve lied.

Only 9% of people said babies are the cutest right after they’re born.  The most popular answer for peak cuteness was around six months . . . and 5% of people said babies are NEVER cute.  (Psychos.)

This last question is fun too:  Compared to other kids, how cute do you think YOU were as a baby?

The top answer was about average.  But 35% of us think we were cuter than most babies, while only 8% said less cute.