6 in 10 Employees Sit for Almost 9 Hours at Work

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



64% of employees sit for more than nine hours a day at work, finds a new survey. The study surveyed over 500 individuals to understand the challenges that they faced and the strategies they adopted to deal with issues associated with sitting for long hours at work.

When the respondents were asked what they could do differently, 73% of employees did not know while only 27% had said that they had tried standing as an alternative posture. The fundamental cause of these problems is the long hours that users spend seated in static postures at their work desks or in meetings.

Long-term sitting can cause strain and serious musculoskeletal problems, whereas standing for long periods is equally harmful. Switching between standing and sitting postures reduces physical stress from static postures. This helps increase productivity and keeps the body active through the day.


(The Economic Times)