87% of Cat Owners Are “Baffled” By Their Cat’s Behavior

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Even the craziest cat people have NO IDEA what their cats are doing most of the time.

In a new poll, 87% of cat owners say they are regularly “baffled” by their cat’s behavior.  Which, let’s be honest, is EXACTLY how your cat wants it.

There’s a list of the most perplexing stuff that cats do, and the Top Five are:

1.  How they can tell the difference between the sound of a treat packet opening and something that’s of no interest to them, like a bag of salad.

2.  Why they ignore their scratching posts and go for the furniture instead.

3.  Why they get the “zoomies” at random times and go absolutely nuts for five minutes.  And then sit down as if nothing has happened.

4.  Why they meow at you when you’re eating, as if they’re asking for some of your food . . . but when you give it to them, they just ignore it.

5.  Why they constantly seem to try and get in to places you don’t want them to, like cupboards or under the bed.

(The full list is at the bottom of this article.)