A Bunch of Kids Have to Retake the S.A.T. After Their Tests Fell Off a UPS Truck


Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Any of these kids who feel like they nailed their S.A.T. are probably angry right now.  But anyone who tanked it is psyched . . .

A bunch of high school students in El Paso, Texas took the S.A.T. on October 27th.  But now dozens of them will have to take it again after their tests got lost in the mail.

The school mailed them out last Saturday to be scanned, but they fell off a UPS truck shortly after it picked them up.  It sounds like maybe the driver hadn’t closed the back door or something.

At least two students happened to see the tests blowing around on the road while they were driving, and one of them got it on video.  (Here’s the video.)

UPS issued an apology and said they’ve been working with the school to recover as many tests as possible.  But last we heard, 55 test sheets were still missing.  So all those kids will have to retake the S.A.T. next month.

(KTSM / Complex)

(Here’s a photo of one of the mangled tests.)