A Guy Tried to Give Himself a Nose Job Using YouTube Tutorials

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

You can learn to do almost anything by watching YouTube videos.  Again, that’s ALMOST anything . . .

Some guy in Brazil ended up in the E.R. last month after watching YouTube tutorials . . . and trying to give himself a NOSE JOB.  (Yes, he literally cut into his own face while he was awake.)

He’s not the first person to try it.  YouTube has to remove “at-home rhinoplasty” videos all the time to prevent other people from doing it.

As you’d expect, it never goes well.  It can even KILL you if you go into anaphylactic shock.

The guy showed up to the E.R. with his nose all jacked up and infected.  He said he used an anesthetic from a vet to dull the pain while he did surgery on himself.  But he didn’t use gloves or clean the wound at all.

He was trying to make his nose thinner, and he stitched himself up afterward.  It sounds like he also used super-glue to close the wound.

Doctors treated the infection and sent him home.  They referred him to a specialist for more treatment, and told him to start seeing a therapist.

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