A Study Found the Pull of the Moon Might Actually Affect Our Behavior

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



None of this is proven yet, but get ready for a big “I told you so” from that astrology friend of yours:  A new study in Brazil claims the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon DOES affect our behavior here on Earth.



The pull we get from them is only about a millionth of what we get from the Earth.  But they found plants and animals’ internal clocks still work even when other factors are removed.  Like if it never gets dark, and the temperature doesn’t change.  So the rhythm of the Moon’s gravity might help keep those things in sync too.



So does this prove astrology right?  Well, no.  We already knew the Moon’s gravity affects us.  If it didn’t, the ocean wouldn’t have tides.  But there’s still no proof it messes with decision-making or causes big mood swings.  There’s also no evidence the layout of the stars affects us in any way.  They’re too far away for their gravity to do anything.