April Fool’s No No’s











  • Tell people you’re pregnant– This prank is not cool because it plays on the emotions of the people who care about you, so don’t joke that you’re pregnant or that your girlfriend/wife/friend is pregnant.
  • Tell everyone you’re engaged– There are no shortage of fake “engagement” April Fools’ Day jokes on social media every year and it’s never funny. Again, you’re messing with people’s emotions and that’s not okay.
  • Fake an illness or death– We shouldn’t even have to mention this one, but just in case you’re thinking of pretending you have some serious illness or that you died, please don’t. It’s just not funny.
  • Tell your partner you’re cheating– Not only is this really mean, it could really backfire, so no April Fools’ Day pranks about being unfaithful.
  • Potentially mess with someone’s job– Playing pranks at the office can help the day seem a little less boring, but play nice and don’t mess with anything that could affect someone’s job, like their email, their work, or their reputation.
  • Tell everyone you and your partner broke up– This may seem like a good prank, right up until your mom and sister tell you how much they actually dislike your partner and they’re glad you broke up.
  • Make someone eat something dangerous– It may be fun to trick someone into biting into what they think is a candy apple, only to discover that it’s actually a candied onion, but it’s not funny to try to make someone sick or get risky with food allergies.
  • Play on their worst fears– If your bestie is deathly afraid of spiders, she’s not going to think a joke involving them is funny, so don’t go there, even on April Fools’ Day.