Bad Habits Like Biting Your Nails and Peeing in the Shower Could Also Be Good for You?

Nats Hacks

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Everyone knows we’re not supposed to bite our nails or pee in the shower . . . but what if those things are actually GOOD for you?

Britain’s “Sun” tabloid collected 12 “bad habits,” and then listed a potential BENEFIT to that behavior, based on some random scientific research.

Here they are . . . but keep in mind, this is just for fun.  Despite the “science” they’re based on, they may still have more negative ramifications than positive.

1.  Chewing with your mouth full . . . makes food taste better by making the aromas easier to smell.

2.  Biting your nails . . . boosts your immune system by introducing it to bacteria.

3.  Chewing gum . . . sharpens your focus and memory.

4.  Not cleaning up . . . messiness can be a sign of intelligence.

5.  Slouching . . . can be good for joints and limit back stiffness after a period of hard, physical work.

6.  Being late . . . makes you happy and less stressed.

7.  Sleeping in . . . helps boost your memory and can help you live longer.

8.  Playing with your hair . . . alleviates boredom and can reduce anxiety.

9.  Peeing in the shower . . . cleans your feet and can prevent fungal issues.  But if you have a cut, be warned, you could get a bacterial infection.

10.  Fidgeting . . . can burn 10 times more calories than keeping still.

11.  Gossiping . . . can reduce stress and anxiety.  And laughing releases “feel-good” hormones.

12.  Swearing . . . relieves pain, according to a study that found that cursing boosted pain tolerance by about 33%.

(The Sun)