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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



Betty White loved animals and you can join this challenge to honor her. With the oncoming birthday of the late iconic actress Betty White, social media has gone wild with a birthday challenge in her honor.

The #BettyWhitebirthdaychallenge encourages everyone to donate $5 to an animal shelter or the humane society. Her passing came as a shock to many who were preparing to celebrate her 100th birthday on Jan. 17th. Now we can honor her in the best way possible by helping animals.

According to a release from the American Humane Society, White had a long love of animals and dedicated lots of time to the humane society and even served on their board of directors. White also served as the chair of the national “Be Kind to Animals Week” and promoted the protection of animals in film and tv.

So pass it on! Donate $5 to a local rescue or animal shelter in your area in Betty White’s name and let’s make her 100th birthday extra special and one to remember!

Betty’s cause of death was released yesterday ICYMI… She died peacefully in her sleep and according to herr secretary her last word was “Allen.”

Local animal rescue organizations to support:


“In my head, I’m the ultimate cougar. Animal lover that I am.” — Betty White