Brain Fog

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Brain Fog is a real issue. In a recent study, almost half of us are daydreaming at work.  According to this study, people spend an average of 37% of their time at work with their mind wandering. The study also found people who are stressed spend more time daydreaming at work than people who are calm

Here are three quick brain tricks:

If a word is on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite get it – sit up straight. San Francisco State University researchers found that going from a slumped or slouched position, to good posture, boosted recall and memory in one minute for up to 87% of people studied. It works by stimulating the brain to produce energizing beta waves, which improves memory and recall almost immediately!

Then, if you’re in a brain fog and you can’t think quickly or clearly, close your eyes for 30 seconds. Researchers found, by taking a break from visual distractions, we can sharpen our focus by 25%. That’s because closing your eyes activates a brain region called the basal ganglia. It plays a part in learning, cognition, and emotion. And by activating it, it helps you think more clearly even when you’re tired.

Finally, you can boost your brainpower in 60 seconds with a scalp massage. Just move your fingertips in a circular motion along your hairline. It can increase thinking power by 65% in one minute. According to a study in the Journal Of Clinical Psychiatry, the firm, soothing pressure stimulates nerve endings that prompt the release of energizing brain chemicals.