Common House Plants Including Peace Lilies Can Reduce Air Pollution In Homes And Offices By As Much As 20%

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



Certain houseplants can make the air in your home cleaner. University of Birmingham researchers found certain, common houseplants can reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a common pollutant, by as much as 20 percent. They found the peace lily, corn plant, and fern arum were all able to remove around half of the NO2 in a controlled chamber over the course of an hour, and this finding held whether conditions were dark or light, or wet or dry. Study leader, Dr. Christian Pfrang adds, “There was no indication, even during longer experiments, that our plants released the NO2 back into the atmosphere, so there is likely a biological process taking place also involving the soil the plant grows in—but we don’t yet know what that is.” High levels of NO2 can irritate the airways in humans, and can be particularly damaging for people with respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

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