Consider Sober Friends This Holiday Season

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—


Everyone isn’t trying to get drunk during holiday gatherings. Some people don’t drink, and others are

in recovery mode to remain sober. How can you be more considerate of these guests? Here’s what therapists and sobriety counselors said about the steps you should take…

First, treat them like a person. Don’t cast them out as being weird if they don’t drink, and don’t put labels on them if they are in recovery. Second, let them bring a plus one. A person familiar with their situation can serve as good support. Third, be mindful of your guest’s needs. If you are buying top-shelf liquor or just Natty Ice, don’t forget to make sure to purchase soda, juice, tea, coffee, and water for others who won’t be imbibing. Finally, just host a dry party! Yes, we know that it will be highly unlikely, but some parties don’t need to be alcohol-fueled. Leave the wine and champagne alone and enjoy your company.