Disney Is Building Communities All Over The U.S.


Chattanooga, Tennessee—



Your friend who’s way too into Disney is about to lose their mind:  Disney just announced plans to start building HOUSING COMMUNITIES all over the country for people who want to be inundated with Disney 24/7.

So if you’ve ever wanted to live at Disney World, this is the closest you’ll get.

They’re calling them “Storyliving” communities.  It’s supposed to be like a normal town, but Disney-centric.

The first one is being built outside Palm Springs, because Walt Disney used to vacation there.  It’ll have a town center with shops and restaurants . . . a park . . . a lake with water sports . . . “curated experiences” for residents . . . and entertainment, including live shows.

Their website says each community will be “managed by Disney cast members.”  It’s not clear what that means . . . but is anyone else picturing Mayor Donald Duck right now?

It’ll also have a big hotel.  So you’ll have to deal with annoying Disney TOURISTS if you move there.

They’re planning two more locations in the U.S. but haven’t said where yet.  The plan is to go nationwide with it.



(ABC News)