Drinkers Recover from Surgery Better Than Non-Drinkers?

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Imagine you woke up from surgery, and your doctor prescribed some heavy DRINKING.  (???)  You’d probably think THEY were drunk, but maybe not . . .

A new study in Germany found that people who drink “medium to potentially HAZARDOUS” amounts of alcohol tend to do better before and after major surgery.

All the people in the study were over 60.  The ones who drank a lot had a better quality of life leading up to, and immediately after their surgeries.  They were more comfortable, had less pain, got back to their normal activities faster, and reported better overall health in general.

The researchers aren’t sure why, but they do have a theory.  Even though the long-term effects of drinking are bad, it can have some good short-term effects.  They include reduced stress, elevated mood, and a tendency to be more social.