Dyson Is Putting Out Headphones . . . That Also Strap an Air Purifier Across Your Face


Chattanooga, Tennessee—



This seems like something that NEVER would’ve caught on before the pandemic . . . but now, I can maybe see it?  Dyson is putting out some headphones . . . and that may seem like an odd move, since they’re in the AIR business, making vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and fans.  But these aren’t your standard headphones.

They’re called the Dyson Zone air-purifying, noise-canceling headphones, and they look like a combination between ear-to-ear headphones, with a built-in mask across your nose and mouth.

It isn’t a flimsy COVID-19 mark . . . it’s a “visor” that rests in-front of your face, delivering clean, purified air WITHOUT actually making contact with your mouth.  So, maybe it’s closer to a football helmet than anything else.

It isn’t meant to protect you from Covid . . . instead, it was designed to filter out “allergens, pollutants, and other particulates.”  The visor is removeable, and it has four air purification settings.  There’s no word on pricing or availability yet.