Favorite Casserole By State

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—




Thanksgiving isn’t exactly known for heaping portions of VEGETABLES . . . and most of the veggies that do make it to the table are baked into casseroles, which isn’t the healthiest preparation.



Someone dug through Google Trends data to figure out which casseroles are popular in each state . . . and casseroles with GREENS are #1 in 17 states.  Those include various green bean and broccoli casserole recipes.



Potato casseroles are the most popular in 11 states . . . corn casseroles are #1 in eight states . . . and six states pack their casseroles with squash and other veggies.



Nine states had more unique casseroles.  Pennsylvania and Maryland prefer “leftover casserole.”  It’s unclear if that’s a normal casserole that just tastes better the next day . . . or a casserole made AFTER Thanksgiving from the leftovers.



Connecticut loves “breakfast casserole” . . . Nebraska makes “mac and cheese casserole” . . . Virginia likes “French toast casserole” . . . and North Carolina is big on “pineapple casserole,” which is a Southern thing.



In addition to casseroles, a lot of people are Googling:  The WEATHER for Thanksgiving . . . what restaurants are open on Thanksgiving . . . and festive Thanksgiving drinks, like sangria and apple cider.



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