Geico Must Pay a Woman $5.2 Million, After She Got an STD While Hooking Up in a Guy’s Car?

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

So apparently auto insurance companies CAN be held liable if someone gets an STD while hooking up in a car?  At least in Missouri.

Last year, an anonymous woman in Missouri demanded that Geico pay her $1 million, because she got an STD after having unprotected relations in a guy’s car.  Geico refused . . . but she took them to court . . . and this week, a Missouri appeals court ordered Geico to pay her $5.2 MILLION.

WHY?  It’s complicated, but it boils down to this:  Geico refused to get involved initially, and wouldn’t join the guy’s defense.  The court later said that was them OPTING OUT of a defense.

The woman and the guy went to arbitration, which awarded her MORE . . . $5.2 million . . . based on documentation that she provided.  They also reached some sort of agreement that limited his personal liability.

That put Geico on the hook, because of a precedent in Missouri that was set in a similar insurance case.  (One of the appeals court judges even admitted he didn’t think Geico got a fair shake, but he had no choice.)

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