Halloween Is the Most Dangerous Holiday for Pedestrians

Nats Hacks

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Some people got their trick-or-treating done over the weekend.  But if you’re going out tonight, just a reminder to be careful:  Halloween is the most dangerous holiday for pedestrians, even when it falls on a Monday.

A report looked at the number of traffic-related fatalities on Halloween over 25 years.  And weekdays are actually MORE dangerous than weekends.

It’s likely because there are just more cars on the road, and people tend to be rushing around more on weekday nights.

Thanks to drunk drivers, Friday is the MOST dangerous day for Halloween.  When it falls on a Friday, there are about 22% more fatal crashes than average.

Monday is the fifth most dangerous day at 14% more.  And Saturday is the only day when it drops, by about 4% compared to an average Saturday.

Weekdays are also a little more dangerous for kids specifically.  When Halloween is on a Saturday or Sunday, 27% of pedestrians hit and killed by cars are under the age of 18.  When it’s on a weekday like today, it jumps to 29%.