Have You Ever Forgotten About a Purchase Until It Arrived on Your Doorstep?

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



Have you ever surprised YOURSELF with an unexpected gift?

63% of Americans say they’ve bought something online . . . and then forgotten about it until it showed up on their doorstep.  The average person does it eight times a year.

Over half of us have even ordered something . . . forgotten about it . . . and not remembered what it was until we opened the box.

Buying stuff late at night . . . and after a few DRINKS . . . might have something to do with it.  60% of people admit they’ve online shopped while drunk.  83% say those purchases tend to be “dumb or frivolous” things they don’t really need.

The survey looked at online buyer’s remorse in general, and found 74% of us have regretted buying something online.

Our most common online shopping regrets are:  The item wasn’t as high-quality as you thought . . . it’s less useful than expected . . . you spent too much on it . . . you found a better version of the same product later . . . and you had to pay for shipping to return it.



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