Have You Tried Pizza Eggs?

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



I like pizza. I like eggs. I don’t know about pizza eggs though…

Whatever you had for breakfast today is about to sound exceedingly lame:  TikTok is currently obsessed with recipes for something called PIZZA EGGS. At least this works if you’re on a Keto Diet or are Gluten Free.

We spotted some older recipes too, so it’s not a brand new idea. But there are two ways to make it . . . one involves toppings, and the other involves LEFTOVER pizza.

The first way to make it is to toss a bunch of toppings in a pan, like pepperoni and onions, along with some butter.  Then add in a few eggs, scramble it up, and put cheese on top.

The second way might be better though.  You take a piece of leftover pizza . . . cut it up into cubes . . . fry them in a pan . . . and pour scrambled egg mix on top.  (Here are examples of the first way and the second way.)