Here Are Some Tips on How to Become a Reality TV Star

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



Have you ever aspired to make a fool of yourself on national television?  The secrets to becoming a reality TV star are here, thanks to Mike Lush, a casting director who’s worked on MTV’s “Real World” and other shows.



He said, quote, “The biggest thing is showing me that you have big energy and that you’re a big personality . . . If you need to take a shot, grab a cup of coffee or go for a run, do whatever you can to get your energy up.”



Here are Mike’s six tips to nail your audition:



1.  Toot your own horn . . . Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself because nothing is off-limits in the casting interview.

2.  Be specific . . . When you’re being asked, for example, if you’re competitive, then talk about a time you went to “crazy lengths” to win something.

3.  Crying is cool . . . It’s okay to be vulnerable.  Showing emotion shows that you’re a real and relatable person.

4.  Diversity is ideal . . . It’s important to see diversity in the cast to learn about different struggles from people who come from different backgrounds.

5.  Dress and plan to impress . . . Be camera-ready and be sure to be in a private space for your interview and away from any distractions.

6.  Stay connected . . . Keep up-to-date on your social media and follow the casting directors to see which shows they’re casting.  Also, answer your phone, or the director will move on to the next person.