Here Are the Top Things Couples Bicker About at Home

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

A new poll looked at the top ten things couples BICKER about at home.  Around half are chores, and the rest just involve being lazy or forgetful.

1.  Leaving lights on.

2.  Leaving the toilet seat up.

3.  Not putting clean dishes away.

4.  Starting housework, but not finishing it.

5.  Whose turn it is to vacuum or mop.

6.  Not squeegeeing or wiping things down after a shower.

7.  Dirty clothes on the floor.

8.  Crumbs in the bed.

9.  Not dusting properly.

10.  Not making the bed.

Not listening just missed the top ten at #11.  Also, not taking the trash out . . . leaving dishes in the sink . . . making plans without checking in first . . . who’s cooking tonight . . . and what to watch on TV.