How Long Do You Have to Be in the Car for It to Be a “Long” Car Ride?

How Long Do You Have To Be In The Car For It To Be A Long Car Ride

Chattanooga, Tennessee—



It’s that time of year, when we start planning our Spring Break and Summer Vacations! Planning on driving anywhere? Here’s a random question that probably didn’t need to be asked:  How long do you have to be in the car before you’d consider it a “LONG” car ride?



Someone polled thousands of Americans, and the most popular answer was three hours, but it’s close.  16% said two hours . . . 17% said three . . . and 16% said four hours equals a long trip.  So two to four seems to be the consensus.



Almost as many people need it to be a full day of driving to call it a long car ride though.  The fourth most popular answer was “eight hours or more” with 15% of the vote.