It’s National Sandwich Day: Are These Foods Sandwiches?

Tuna Melt Sandwich With Fries

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

It’s National Sandwich Day.  So what exactly are we celebrating?  It may seem obvious, but there IS some ambiguity.  A website recently conducted a poll asking people if various things ARE or ARE NOT sandwiches.

Here are the results, ranked by approval:

1.  A PB&J:  98% say YES.  A lot of people even call it a “peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”  It’s right there in the name!

2.  Breakfast Bagels:  87% say YES.

3.  Burgers:  62% say YES.

4.  Avocado Toast:  38% say YES.

5.  Eggs Benedict:  27% say YES.  Like as an open-face sandwich?

6.  Hot Dogs:  This one is a classic question.  26% say YES.

7.  Gyros:  19% say YES.

8.  Burritos:  12% say YES.

9.  Tacos:  10% say YES.

10.  Quesadillas:  8% say YES.

11.  Empanadas:  6% say YES.

12.  Wraps:  6% say YES.  It’s strange that burritos get twice as much support as wraps . . . because wraps are usually just rolled-up sandwiches, while burritos are, well, burritos.

13.  Calzones:  5% say YES.

14.  Ravioli  (???):  Just 2% say YES.  C’mon people, they were clearly just seeing who was paying attention.