It’s Presidents’ Day… Would YOU Be a Good President?

Would You Be A Good President

Chattanooga, Tennessee—



Today is Presidents’ Day… and while it’s in February to commemorate the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, it’s supposed to honor ALL the people who have served as president.

Yes, even the ones that you DON’T LIKE.  So, suck it up . . . for just this one day, let’s come together and appreciate everyone who’s taken on this very difficult job.  Even if you think YOU could do better.

In a new poll, 48% of men said they’d be interested in being president, along with 31% of women.  And these people are VERY confident in their abilities.

63% of them say their performance would be “much better” or “a little better” than the average U.S. president throughout history.  16% say they’d be average . . . and just 7% think they’d perform worse than average.

Republicans, men, and old folks are most likely to believe they’d perform better as president . . . even with no experience.  (To be clear:  The question was whether you think you’d perform better, not necessarily have a higher approval rating.  Which is a notable distinction.)



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