Katy Perry Came Out with a Non-Alcoholic Drink Line

Katy Perry Smile Press

Chattanooga, Tennessee—



KATY PERRY just came out with a non-alcoholic drink line called De Soi.  They’re sparkling “aperitifs” with “adaptogens” . . . which are usually drinks you have before dinner, but these have ingredients with health benefits.



Katy said, quote, “I’m 37, so I definitely can’t drink like in my 20s . . . On a weekday, having a couple [of alcoholic drinks] will take me out of the presence game for the next day or two.  So I like to have a bit of self-control . . . it’s about balance.”



She explained that “De Soi” is French for “pleasure with restraint.”  The drinks come in cans and bottles in three different flavors: citrus . . . strawberry and grapefruit . . . and blackberry with rose.



Katy added, quote, “I love herbs.  I love alchemy.  I love wellness.  And I love the feeling of some of these different adaptogens.  [They] will help brighten your mood or help ease you into the evening.”



Oh, and the drinks are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO and don’t have any artificial flavoring.  A 25-ounce bottle or a 4-pack of 8-ounce cans cost $25.