Men Are Talking About “Traditionally Masculine” Things They Actually Hate

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

There’s an “Ask Men” forum online, where someone raised an interesting question:  What’s something that’s “traditionally masculine” . . . but, as a man, you actually HATE.  And some of the responses were amusing.

1.  Trying to crush someone’s hand when shaking it.  It’s just a greeting.

2.  Drinking black coffee.  Some men don’t want to hide their milk and sweetener.

3.  Fighting.

4.  Not using shampoo.  Or being loose with your personal hygiene.

5.  Chewing tobacco.

6.  Insecurities, like not ordering a fruity cocktail, wearing pink, or holding a purse.

7.  Not smiling when someone takes your photo.  And “being stoic” all the time.

8.  Driving the biggest, loudest truck that you can (or can’t) afford.

9.  Doing stupid, risky things for the adrenaline-rush.

10.  Rejecting a local anesthetic at the dentist / doctor.  (???)