More Than 60% of Americans Are Hiding Something from Their Employer

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

 Are you the same person when you’re at work as when you’re at home?  Or do you have two different personas . . . a work one, and a home one?In a workplace survey, more than 60% of Americans say they intentionally hide at least one thing from their employer and coworkers . . . and 70% say they adopt an entirely different personality when they’re at work.So what are people so secretive about?  It’s stuff that people don’t want to be JUDGED over . . . 37% of people say they hide their political views . . . 36% don’t share personal information about their family.  And 33% don’t talk about their relationship status . . . their mental health issues . . . and their religious beliefs. More than 20% say they hide their sexual orientation . . . and disabilities. Interestingly enough, 92% of people say they’re more comfortable being their “authentic self” if they’re working remotely from home . . . and are more relaxed about speaking their mind and revealing their true personality.


(Study Finds)