National Paranormal Day


Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Break out your Ouija board, because it’s National Paranormal Day!  A recent survey found 14% of Americans . . . or one in seven people . . . think they’ve contacted a spirit using a Ouija board before.

Here are a few more quick paranormal stats . . .

1.  Three in four Americans believe in at least one “paranormal” thing . . . and 5% think basically ALL of them are real.

2.  52% think places can be haunted by ghosts or spirits . . . and around one in four people say they’ve lived in a haunted house before.

3.  55% think a full moon makes us behave in strange ways.

4.  25% think it’s possible to have telekinetic powers and move things with your mind.

5.  19% think at least some psychics are legit.

6.  16% believe in Bigfoot.

7.  22% believe in the Loch Ness Monster.

8.  Around 20% think vampires, werewolves, and zombies might exist in real life.


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