#NatsHacks From Frequent Flyers

Nats Hacks

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

You can’t go through a flight without encountering at least one person who acts like they’ve NEVER flown before.

There’s a forum online where “frequent flyers” are talking about the things that annoy them the most . . . and most of them are things everyone should know by now.  Here are some of them . . .

1.  Take off your jewelry before going through security, just as the TSA asks.

2.  After walking through security with your shoes off, don’t stand in everyone’s way.  Take your stuff to one of the designated benches and collect yourself there.  Otherwise, you’re just a roadblock.

3.  Have your boarding pass on-hand BEFORE you approach the gate.

4.  Check behind you before reclining your seat.

5.  If it’s a plane with groups of three seats together, the person in the MIDDLE gets both armrests.

6.  Be mindful of whether or not other passengers are in the mood to chat.  If a person is using headphones or earbuds, they don’t want to make small talk.

7.  While on the plane, keep your shoes ON at all times.

8.  Don’t let your kid kick the seat in front of them.  Or any seat for that matter.

9.  Practice proper hygiene:  Shower and wear deodorant prior to flying.

10.  When getting off the plane, don’t pack the aisle or try to push forward.  It’s faster when everyone gets off row by row, in an orderly fashion.  That leaves the aisle clear for anyone who is in a DIRE time crunch to make a connection.  (Not to be confused with ANYONE who has a connection.)