One in Four People Think Their Pet Could Be a Social Media Star

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



Everyone thinks their own kid is the cutest.  So does that also apply to PETS?

A new poll of 2,000 pet owners found one in four think their dog or cat has what it takes to be a SOCIAL MEDIA STAR.

Around a third said they’ve already created at least one social media account for a pet.  And many of those people said their pet has more followers than they do.

40% said that in general, they prefer posting photos and videos of their pets than pictures of themselves.

Meanwhile, another new poll found the average American now spends $690 a year on their pets.  That’s up 50% in the last decade.

Women tend to spend more than men.  And the older you are, the more money you’ll drop . . . Baby Boomers average $834 a year compared to $425 for Gen Z.

Based on the number of pet stores per capita, they found Cincinnati is the most pet-obsessed city in America.  That’s followed by Bridgeport, Connecticut . . . Buffalo, New York . . . Columbus, Ohio . . . and Seattle, Washington.

The LEAST pet-obsessed cities are Birmingham, Alabama . . . San Jose, California . . . Oklahoma City . . . Los Angeles . . . and Salt Lake City.



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