One in Six People Say They Feel Stressed the Minute They Wake Up

Man Showing Signs Of Workplace Stress

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

In some commercials, the process of getting up in the morning looks bright and happy . . . with the person waking up and smelling the air like they’re at a coastal Italian villa, and striding across the bedroom like they’re walking on clouds.

In reality, waking up for some people is . . . well . . . a horrible experience.

In a new poll, one in six people say they feel stressed the moment they wake up . . . and the average person says they need to be awake for an average of 33 minutes before “feeling human.”

Part of that could be the alarm.  51% of people say they deliberately use an “aggressively loud” alarm because they’re so tired in the morning . . . and 66% say they sleep through the first alarm at least twice a week.

Most people say they struggle with sleepiness when they first get up, and need something to start the day . . . like a shower, breakfast, a cup of coffee, or even simply brushing their teeth, or splashing water on their face.

More adventurous people immediately want to meditate . . . hit the gym . . . take the dog for a walk, or clean the kitchen.

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