Over Half of Us Are Still Friends with an Ex

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Would you be mad to find out the person you’re with was still friends with an EX?  Prepare yourself, because there’s a good chance they are.

54% of us are still friends with at least one of our exes, according to a new survey.  That includes 17% who are still friends with ALL their exes.

Here are a few more quick stats from the poll . . .

1.  41% of us claim we wouldn’t care if our current partner was still friends with an ex.  23% say they wouldn’t even mind if they were BEST friends with them.

2.  Do you delete your exes’ phone numbers?  23% do it immediately.  25% also scrub them from social media . . . 45% change any passwords they might know . . . and 21% of us would expect our friends and family to never talk to them again.

3.  Assuming things ended on good terms, would you rather stay friends or have a clean break?  The poll found it might depend on who initiated the break-up.

If YOU broke things off, it’s more likely you’ll want to stay friends.  But if they did, maybe not.