People Are Going on 29% Fewer Dates During the Pandemic


Chattanooga, Tennessee—



There have been periods of pseudo-normalcy over the past year . . . but we’re hoping for a LOT more than that in 2022.  And SINGLE people are raring to go.



The dating app WooDate asked people how their dates and meet-ups have been recently, and the results were . . . not great.



55% of people said their dating lives are worse than before the pandemic . . . and 55% of that group say things have not improved as we’ve moved through, despite the vaccines and places opening up.



That said, the survey was conducted roughly a week before Christmas, when omicron really started surging.  So it wasn’t the most optimistic time.



Overall, the average number of dates per month per person fell from 4.3 pre-Covid to 3.02 last month.  That’s 29% fewer dates.



This is probably obvious, but the biggest challenges involve planning around pandemic rules and restrictions, including testing requirements . . . as well as unpredictable hours and availability.



(PR Newswire)